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about casa santander

Casa Santander is one of the original properties in Sayulita. Built in 1975 by Juana Sotelo, this property originally only had one house but over the years the house grew and added on a pool, a second story, another building and finally 2 palapas. Casa Santander is available for rent in its entirety, or in blocks. It has 4 units for rent: two of which are 2 bedroom units and the other two being one bedroom units. Guests of the property have access to the pool area which is located beside Casa Jungla. There is a beautiful balcony, shaded by a palapa roof, which is an area perfect for relaxing, reading or simply enjoying the view. 

Casa Santander es una de las primeras propiedades en Sayulita. Fue construída en 1984 por Juana Sotelo, y originalmente sólo tenía una unidad en la parte superior. Ahora, Casa Santander cuenta con 4 unidades que se pueden rentar por separado, o toda la propiedad junta. 2 unidades son de dos recámaras y las otras 2 unidades son de una recámara. Todos los inquilinos tienen acceso a un balcón de techo de palapa al igual que a la alberca, desde dónde se aprecia la vista hacia las playas del norte de Sayulita y los cerros que envuelven a Sayulita. 


Units/ rooms

Casa Santander is a beautiful property in the heart of downtown Sayulita. The property is located one block away from the main beach and a rock throw away from the main plaza. It has 4 units for rent, but can also be rented in its entirety which makes it perfect for friends looking to stay in the same place but wanting their own privacy.

CASA tabla naranja

Casa 1 is a one bedroom unit with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and outdoor terrace. This unit is closest to the street and has the least amount of stairs to access it. Beautifullly decorated, this unit is perfect for a couple, or for friends, as the king sized bed can be transformed to 2 twins.

CASA jungla

Casa 2 is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit with a kitchen, living room, AC, Wifi and a great view to the northern beaches. This unit is comfortably located next to the main pool on property.

CASA vista

Casa 3 is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit with a kitchen, living room, terrace, AC, Wifi and an uninterrupted 180 degree view to Sayulita's northern beaches, town and rolling hills. Perfect for friends or family.

Casa Palapa

Casa Palapa is the newest addition to the property. Small cabin with an outdoor terrace and separate bathroom. Views to the horizon and Sayulita's northern beaches. Great for single travelers or couples looking to travel on a budget. 





$95 USD

CASA tabla naranja

Concept: 1 bedroom
Bathrooms: 1
Beds: 1 king or 2 singles
Accommodates: 2 people
Cost: $100 USD/ night
What makes it special: Clean decor, big living room, private, conveniently close to street.

$200 USD

CASA Jungla

Concept: 2 bedroom
Bathrooms: 2
Beds: 3
Accommodates: 4 people
Cost: $200 USD/ night
What makes it special: Next to pool and common area, beautiful decor with attention to plants. 


$250 USD

Casa Vista

Concept: 2 bedroom
Bathrooms: 2
Beds: 5
Accommodates: 5-6 people
Cost: $200 USD/ night
What makes it special: A bit more private since it's on the top floor and the view! 

$65 USD

casa palapa

Concept: 1 bedroom
Bathrooms: 1
Accommodates: 1-2 people
Cost: $65 USD/ night
What makes it special: Nice terrace with view to the ocean. Small bedroom, yet private and it has a beautiful palapa roof. 


Prices during the holiday season increase by 20%. Prices during low season (June- October) drop by 15%. If you wish to rent the entire property please contact us. 







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